Jerzy Boyz Farm: Home of the best organic apples from Washington State!

We grow organic Honeycrisps and 50+other varieties!


Visit Jerzy Boyz Farm’s produce booth at the University District Market in Seattle  

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Saturdays from 9 am to 2 pm

(corner of University Avenue and 50th St NE)

August until February

Organic Honeycrisp/ Assorted Apple Pear Gift Boxes

All of the fruit that we sell and that goes into our gift boxes is grown, picked, and packed lovingly by Scott here on our farm! We grow more than 50 heirloom and exotic varieties!

Gift Boxes:

12 pc Apples  (8lbs) 60$ ea Free US Shipping

For orders Email:


The Wedge Community Co-op’s Produce buyer, Rick C.,  said, “Jerzy Boyz Farm grew the best Honeycrisp Apples in the country! “Quite a complement from  Minnesota, birthplace of the Honeycrisp apple!!

Assorted Gifts Apple/(Pear) Boxes 12 pc

66$ Free US Shipping

For orders Email:


“Jerzy Boyz Farm grows the most flavorful pears grown on American soil”    according to House and Garden Magazine!  October, 2002




THE STORY CONTINUES…(edited by Michael Pollan) Jerzy Boyz Farm is an 5 acre pear and apple orchard in North Central Washington that has been family-owned and operated since 1989. Read more…


Please email us and  visit paypal to order our gift boxes of organic apples and pears.

We ship holiday gift boxes.