Good Night for Heirloom Apple Jam! Cascade Harvest Coalition


It’s a good night to make a small batch of heirloom apple honey jam. You may ask yourself, what’s an heirloom apple? Ask yourself this- when was the last time you bought an apple at the grocery store that looked like this? In the mid-1800s, there were thousands of unique varieties of apples in the United States, some of the most astounding diversity ever developed in a food crop. Then industrial agriculture crushed that world. The apple industry settled on a handful of varieties to promote worldwide, and the rest were forgotten. They became commercially extinct—but not quite biologically extinct. Just one of many reasons why we head to the farmers market each week. These beauties came from Jerzy Boyz Farm, organic pear and apple growers out of Chelan, WA. Farmers Scott and Wynne are sweethearts and they’ll happily let you taste any number of varieties that trust us, you’ve never heard of before at their University District Farmers Market booth.