We have been asked to post just a few examples of our many testimonials for you to see. Here are a handful for your enjoyment!

“Boyz,  my daughter sent me a box of your pears for Christmas.

They are to die for!  Unique delicious flavor.  The 2 Bosc pears put to shame the Bosc pears I am able to buy in the Chicago area from Whole Foods.  It may just be freshness, but I don’t think so.

The note enclosed said the smaller, bullet shaped (magness) pears will ripen fastest.  There are a few very small pears but bullet shaped???  Just normal pear shape by our lights.  Are they magnesses?

The large ones are various sizes but I think all are the same divine variety.  Is that so?  What is its name please?
They definitely don’t taste like Comice although their fragility is like them,
eating one is heaven.

Thank you so much for being there!”  Anne G, Evanston, Il     December2015


” I am writing to tell you how glad I am that I’ve discovered your stall
at the farmers’ market!  You guys have the best, best apples – the most interesting varieties, and, definitely the most perfect, crispy, sweet, slightly tart for balance, most flavorful apples.  Really, now it’s hard for me to just pick up my apples at PCC.  It’s gotta be a Jerzyboyz apple if I want it to taste the way an apple can taste in the best possible world. And, as a result of buying Jerzyboyz apples, (and thank you for making available those bargain bags, which save me money, but have also helped to introduce me to other varieties), I now make the most delicious applesauce I’ve ever made.  And I’ve made some good applesauce in my time. But now it’s even better.  So, thank you!”                                    Annie K, Seattle, Wa  December, 2015

 “I’ve got to tell you that those are the best apples I’ve ever eaten. Thank you very much!” –Gift box of Honeycrisps sent by Dick and Darlene, Orondo Wa   Nov 2015
“I ate that “perfect pear of the season” that I got on Saturday. It was like candy! I’ve never had a pear like it. It was divine!
Hope to catch them again on Saturday!”  from Jess S, Seattle   Nov 2015


“You grow the best apples!”  – Author Phyllis C, Portland Or December  2013

“Had to tell you, those apples and pears were, seriously, I think the best I’ve eaten!!  I just finished off the last apple!  Thank you!!” 
-Rabbi Stuart F, Houston Tx Nov 2014

“… on one particular occasion they brought us a variety box of apples from Jerzy Boyz. 
Born and raised in Yakima for 36 years, and with my grandfather and other family members owning orchards, ranches, cows etc.etc., I thought that I had had the best of the best when it comes to apples and produce and really had not given any second thought to “organic” anything.  I let that box of apples sit on my step in my garage for a few days before I even tried one.  At first glance they didn’t look really impressive but when I took one bite I couldn’t believe the taste, the texture, how crisp they were, and the coloring of them.  I have to let you know that these are by far the best apples I have ever tasted.  I thought I knew it all when it came to apples and I was wrong. I can’t say enough about how outstanding your apples are.  I wish my grandfather was alive to taste them.
Sincerely, John…”
~ John L. A., Yakima WA 98901, September 2013

“I received my apples and pears in the mail today.  I bit into the Honeycrisp Apple right after they came and let me tell you, that is what an apple is supposed to taste like! 
Never have I tasted such a delicious apple and can’t wait to try the pears! 
I want to order some for gifts and my holiday baking.  Thanks again for providing such wonderful fruit! 
I’ll be back in touch with you very soon! Linda”
~ Linda N., Byram, Mississippi, October 2012

We get wonderful feedback from folks year after year:

“OMG [Wynne & Scotty], Those apples are GREAT!!! You and the farm ROCK! Thanks, Larry”

“Dear Apple Lady, Fantastic! Stupendous! Top Notch! Thank You Larry”
~ Larry C., 2011 & 2012


A first-time customer had this short but sweet statement

“Thanks! Scumptious Apples!”
~ Micki U, Longview, Texas, March 2010

“You recently sent a fruit basket to my boss at Jonathan Rose Companies in New York City. Being the kind and generous man he is, he shared the lovely apple and pear basket with his staff. Fortunately, I was one who tried an apple and I have to say it was absolutely delicious! I have never eaten an apple that made me say, ” Oh my God..this is amazing!” I literally savored every bite and was a little sad when there was nothing left.
Whoever came up with the quote, “One bite is all it takes!” is brilliant! I have been hooked since and wish I had taken more, but I tried my best to not be greedy. Any other apple does not compare to yours. You are all doing an outstanding job in raising these fruits well. Amazing!! Thank you for giving me an opportunity to taste the best fruit I’ve ever had.”
~ Gildariany E., New York, New York, December 2010

“If i were standed on a Desert Island with ‘Jerzy Boyz’ Honey Crisp Apples, Heirloom Tomatoes, and Pears, i could live happily ever after.
Your fruit is absoulutely amazing!!
~ Susan Lawton, November 2007

“I opened the refrigerator looking for a nosh and there were the apples. I bit into one and it was like no other apple I have ever had. A deep rich flavor, and crunchy, yet smooth and juicy at the same time, an amalgam of individual tastes blended into one delicious whole.
I never before ate two apples one after the other, but I did tonight, and maybe later i will go down and have another.
Bravo to Jerzy Boyz, You have created a masterpiece…”
~ Norm K, New York, New York, November 2007

“Your hard-to-believe apples arrived Saturday afternoon & I tried the first one, a peculiar yellow to find glorious pictures in bright pink moving around throughout the flesh. What is this gorgeous apple?? I adore it. And since have just been in love with the flavors, freshness, moisture burst, evident loving care. The house is glowing with the aroma, even still boxed.
Thank you so much! Lelia…”
~ Lelia Sanders, October 2007

“We just discovered your Red Clapp Pears at out Co-Op in Port Townsend. What truly wonderful pears. We went back the next day with our guests from California to buy more. I will pass along rave reviews to the Co-Op management. I wonder how these pears would hold up for several weeks in cold storage. I’m hoping that the Co-Op will be getting more.
We are trying to eat as locally as we can. I just extended my concept of “local” to in include your farm [in Chelan].
Thanks, Carol and Bruce”
~ Bruce and Carol, Port Townsend, WA, September 2007

Since the beginning, we were grateful to receive testimonials, but the web site came later, and things being as busy as they were from the start, we didn’t seem to get around to posting any for nearly a decade. Still, we truly enjoy hearing from folks!

“Thank you Wynne & Scotty! My parents received their gift box of fruits from you in fabulous condition. They were very amazed at just how delicious and beautiful organic apples and pears can be after slowly getting used to the bland status quo produce in their local market over the years.”
~ Timothy Oldfield, Yarrow Point, Washington, 98004 USA, October 1989

We are continually branching out into other organic produce and products our own family and friends have found tasty, healthy and/or otherwise beneficial…

This testimonial was written about our Boo Boo Balm Sticks:

“Thank you so much for this wonderful product! I have bought many for stocking stuffers this holiday. So many friends want their own after seeing how much it helped a friend while we were vacationing in Japan. She had a very serious fall and injured her arm. We thought she may have broken a bone as it swelled immediately and was not possible for her to bend. She applied boo boo balm, ice and received some energy healing. Ten hours later she went to the emergency room for an X-ray. No bones were broken, the swelling was down, and she was regaining mobility. She continued for days with boo boo balm. We really believe it made a huge difference speeding her recovery. I was so glad to have brought it with me–which I did because it was so portable, didn’t take much room, and wasn’t a liquid.  I was able to take it with me with carry on bags. Thank you again for such a great product! “  Sandra,K,  Seattle Wa   Nov 2015

“This is my favorite chap-stick, absolutely, bar-none, number one! Its not greasy or waxy. Its just right, it doesn’t create that cycle where you need to keep putting on more and more. You put it on and it stays and protects.  I don’t want to chance losing my “Lip Lube” so it stays in  a special spot in the medicine cabinet. I don’t want to forget it in my car or send it through the wash in my jeans. Maybe it would survive but I am not going to try.
Highly recommended.”
~ Ron McG., Manson, Washington, November 2012

“A belated thank you for the wonderful toiletries.  I love the oil and the cream is softness in a jar.  I’ve used them over about ninety percent of my territory, and I’m one hundred percent delighted. And the soap!  It’s both luxurious and practical, so even a quick jump into the shower is a lovely event. Please let me know how I can order some more from you.”
~ Author: Susan I, Sands Point, New York, September 2011