The Jerzy Boyz Story

(edited by Michael Pollan)

Jerzy Boyz Farm is a 5 acre pear and apple orchard in North Central Washington that has been family-owned and operated since 1989.

Our good fortune allows us to farm in one of the premier tree fruit growing areas in the world. We are long-term patrons and practitioners of organic standards—we practice simple, old fashioned, hands-on, building the soil, low-mechanization, SMALL-scale,
low inputs, natural organic farming.

Jerzy Boyz (we came west from New Jersey in 1979) has been labeled the #1 organic apple grower by all of our buyers for the last thirteen years. We believe that extraordinary tasting apples come from customized composts, mineral applications, and foliar feedings; that crunchy and crisp apples (apples with great “pressures”) come from multiple, carefully timed, maturity-driven pickings; and that great color comes from multiple prunings and pickings, as well as lots and lots of loving and special care for every piece of fruit in our fields. We finish our job by packing all of our fruit ourselves, by hand, right here on the farm, where we can watch each and every apple go into the box.

We have been pioneers in the movement away from toxic agriculture. We are heartened that less chemical spraying is going on in our valley while our children wait at their bus stops; we are hopeful that the “new” organic growers will “buy organic” and join the broader struggle towards a cleaner planet. As we watch corporate agriculture dilute the meaning of the word “organic”, and the domestic apple market flooding with imported fruit grown under inconsistent standards, we wonder: will we be able to continue to farm and maintain our high standards on the production of this wholesome and clean, American-produced, outstandingly tasty, highly nutritious, fabulously crunchy, maturity picked crop of apples?

It’s up to you folks … please support the little guy.
Support American grown. Buy Jerzy Boyz!

Thank you for supporting small organic farms,
Wynne & Scotty